From translation of marketing collateral to telephonic and in-person interpreting, MAGNUS can get it done quickly and done right. We offer unparalleled service and a full complement of language services, including:

  • Translations – From forms, brochures, web copy, signage and more, MAGNUS can provide accurate translations into over 150 different languages with complete, in-house design support if required.
  • Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) and In-person Interpreting – Using a webcam and monitor to link the patient and clinicians to a live interpreter offsite, MAGNUS can facilitate “real time” communications via VRI 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, MAGNUS currently has over 6,000 experienced, professional in-person interpreters to provide face-to-face interpretations.
  • Telephonic Interpretation – The Language Valet provides our healthcare clients access to professionally trained interpreters 24/7 in over 150 languages, simply by dialing a toll-free access number. MAGNUS currently has over 3,000 professional telephonic interpreters in its database of over 150 languages.
  • Preceptorship Program – Our interpreter training program has graduates available to provide free onsite medical interpreting for your organization as part of a preceptorship agreement. Students complete a minimum of 40 hours of real-time interpreting. Host organizations can easily receive services worth at least $50,000 in free medical interpreting in a single year.

To talk with a MAGNUS representative about any of our language services, click here.