Limited English Proficient (LEP) Patients in the public health and mental health systems have special needs. In addition to a need for communications in their native language, LEP individuals may have mental health issues that increase the importance of careful listening. In many cultures, there is significant stigma experienced for seeking mental health services. Cultural sensitivities combined with clinical issues can make communicating with these patients a highly complex undertaking.

At MAGNUS, we understand and we care. Our experience in working with clinicians and researchers in many different languages has given us an edge in delivering more precise, culturally nuanced assistance. Our cost-effective approach makes the most of limited budgets while delivering quality language services. Our services include:

  • Translations of forms, brochures, web copy and more into over 150 different languages
  • Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) – Using a webcam and monitor to link the patient and clinicians to a live interpreter offsite, MAGNUS can facilitate “real time” group counseling or individual assessments.
  • In-person Interpreting – MAGNUS currently has over 6,000 experienced, professional in-person interpreters to facilitate “real time” group counseling or individual assessments.
  • Telephonic Interpretation – The Language Valet provides our healthcare clients access to professionally trained interpreters 24/7 in over 150 languages, simply by dialing a toll-free access number. MAGNUS currently has over 3,000 professional telephonic interpreters in its database of over 150 languages.

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