Message Delivered.
Getting your message across in a different language requires more than a quick translation. Regional dialects, cultural differences and less-than-precise delivery can all affect the understanding and comprehension of your message.

At MAGNUS, we excel at delivering your message in over 150 different languages. From brochures and websites to patient admission packets, vital documents or real time onsite patient interactions, we offer a turnkey service that delivers your message clearly. As a healthcare company that specializes in languages, we understand the nuances that come with communicating to non-English speaking patients in the hospital, medical group and community clinic setting. We offer:

  • Translation services for print, broadcast or the web
  • Telephone interpretation
  • Face-to-face interpretation
  • Interpreter education

Read on to learn how we help you communicate clearly with people who are Limited English Proficient. Then call (800) 594-5818 or click here to discuss your particular needs. We’re waiting to hear from you.