Linguistic Services for Advertising and Creative Agencies

MAGNUS Healthcare Language Services has unparalleled expertise in translating, interpreting and transcreating healthcare marketing materials.

We go beyond word-for-word translations, drawing on more than 30 years of experience, a deep understanding of cultural nuances and proven experience in healthcare. We specialize in helping agencies create materials that are engaging, compliant with regulatory requirements and culturally responsive to the needs of diverse target audiences.

MAGNUS supports advertising and creative agencies across all operations:


Marketing and Advertising Campaigns:

Ensuring that brochures, websites, social media, advertisements and other materials accurately communicate and resonate with multicultural populations.


Deep Knowledge of Healthcare:

Providing an in-depth understanding of the healthcare category and how to effectively communicate with patients, members and other stakeholders in over 300 different languages.


Market Research:

Delivering translation and interpreting support for researchers needing to communicate with focus group participants in their native languages, in a culturally responsive manner.


Content Localization:

Translating and transcreating content for multicultural populations to ensure that messaging reflects local nuances and resonates with target audiences.


Multilingual Voiceovers and Subtitles:

Providing multilingual voice-overs and creating subtitles for commercials, educational videos, training content and more.


International Collaboration:

Facilitating seamless communication during meetings, negotiations and brainstorming sessions with global partners.