Healthcare Language Specialization for School Districts and Complex Learning Conditions

MAGNUS Healthcare Language Services helps school districts and organizations working with complex learning conditions support the needs of multicultural students and communities.

We specialize in delivering top-tier translation and interpreting services, emphasizing equitable access to vital health and educational resources. Our language services support school districts and organizations serving those with complex learning conditions, including learning disabilities, developmental disabilities and mental health concerns. Our expertise ensures effective communication for various learning environments.

MAGNUS services and areas of expertise include accurate and culturally responsive communication for:


Educational Settings:

Facilitating effective communication of information in classes, Individualized Education Program (IEP) meetings and professional development (PD) workshops.


Healthcare Documentation:

Ensuring compliant, accurate translation of medical and healthcare documents.


Health Promotion and Education:

Implementing education programs, workshops and informational sessions for diverse communities.


Mental Health Services:

Facilitating culturally responsive communication between mental health professionals and students.


Emergency Situations:

Bridging language barriers to deliver responsive interpreting support for crisis situations 24/7.