Healthcare Language Specialization for Health Systems and Hospitals

Leading hospitals and health systems count on MAGNUS Healthcare Language Services for accurate translation and interpreting solutions in over 300 languages.

We play a vital role in ensuring clear communications between providers and multicultural audiences, enabling culturally competent care and enhanced patient engagement.

MAGNUS supports health systems and hospitals across all facets of care delivery:

Community Outreach:

Providing health fair flyers, banners, advertising, service line brochures, website pages and more.


Culturally Responsive Patient Care:

Ensuring accurate communication for greater patient understanding and engagement during consultations, examinations and ongoing treatment.


Medical Documentation:

Delivering accurate, reliable and compliant translations of patient histories, test results, pre-op and post-op information, and discharge and medication instructions.


Cultural Competence:

Enabling providers to deliver personalized care that respects the beliefs, values and preferences of diverse patients.

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Patient Education:

Translating educational materials and resources that engage and empower diverse patients and their families. Additionally, we can provide interpreting support for health fairs, group counseling sessions, individual/group trainings and community meetings.


Informed Consent:

Explaining medical information in a patient's native language, with accuracy and cultural understanding to ensure complete understanding for truly informed consent.


Emergency Services:

Eliminating language barriers for accurate triage, diagnosis and treatment when every second counts.