Healthcare Language Specialization for Research and Data Analytics

MAGNUS Healthcare Language Services supports leading research and data analytics organizations in their mission to advance healthcare.

With over 30 years of healthcare expertise in over 300 languages, we specialize in providing precise translations for healthcare decision-makers, policymakers, practitioners and community-based organizations. Beyond linguistic and cultural accuracy, we meticulously approach data collection projects with the goal of ensuring that the data is accurate and consistent. This commitment supports decision-makers with reliable data, aligning our services with the overarching goal of enhancing decisions through culturally appropriate and linguistically accurate translations.

MAGNUS supports research organizations across all operations:


Dissemination and Publication:

Delivering precise, culturally responsive translations that are true to the goals and requirements of the research project.

Survey Instrument Translation:

Providing survey instrument translation services with sensitivity and rigor appropriate to project size and importance.


Data Collection and Market Research:

Supporting interviews, focus groups, surveys and other data collection methods to help ensure quality communication with multicultural, multilingual audiences. We deliver CATI support, including script translations and implementation review, interpreting support for interviewers, linguistic assessments for interviewer recruiting, and monitoring of identified language interviews to ensure consistent performance.


Presentations and Conferences:

Enabling real-time interpretation with interpreters using precisely aligned terminology to ensure reliable data collection.


Literature Reviews:

Translating publications to give researchers access to relevant insights from around the world, without boundaries.


Informed Consent:

Explaining project information in a patient's native language, with accuracy and cultural understanding to ensure complete understanding for informed consent.