Healthcare Interpreting for Diverse Audiences

In healthcare, precise communication is vital — especially when engaging with diverse audiences.

Non-English-speaking patients require professional interpreters who not only grasp healthcare terminology but also respect their unique cultural values and norms. That’s where MAGNUS Healthcare Language Services comes in. We offer the highest-quality in-person and remote interpreting services, delivered in over 300 languages by culturally responsive linguists who are highly trained and fluent.

Scheduled Interpreting

Need to schedule interpreting? We offer on-site interpreting (OSI) or remote (video/telephonic) interpreter options. Our team will take care of everything, ensuring medically accurate communication that drives better decision-making and helps improve patient outcomes. We also handle special requests at no extra charge, including:

  • Male or female interpreters
  • Same interpreter over the course of a treatment
  • Interpreter from a patient’s home country

Instant phone access to expert interpreters


Free training on the use of our services


Fully encrypted security

On-Demand Remote Interpreting

We make it easy to instantly connect your staff and patients to more
than 3,000 highly skilled, on-demand professional healthcare interpreters 24/7. MAGNUS exceeds industry standards in recruiting, vetting and training our interpreters to ensure that they deliver the responsive, high-touch language services you need to communicate with today’s diverse audiences. 

Over-the-Phone Interpreting (OPI) 
MAGNUS Language Valet™ is our remote telephonic interpreting service that provides confidential, secure and HIPAA-compliant communication anytime your staff, patients or clients need it.

  • Interpreters who understand U.S. medical/insurance terminology
  • Skilled linguists with knowledge of cultural norms and nuances
  • Clear billing at competitive rates
  • Compliance with federal requirements for access to interpreter services
  • Rigorous quality assurance for accuracy and reliability

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) 
MAGNUS remote video services provide face-to-face communication when it matters most, enabling visual cues, facial expressions and culturally sensitive interpreting to build trust and understanding. 

  • Schedule access to expert interpreters on the platforms you use every day
  • Excellent video and audio quality
  • Meets ADA and Title VI laws and regulations
  • Complies with ACA Section 1557 and HIPAA