Translation and Localization Services

Make sure your communications resonate with diverse audiences.

At MAGNUS Healthcare Language Services, our scalable team of expert linguists can ensure that your print or digital content is accurately translated and localized to address the unique language and cultural needs of your target audiences.


Forms and documents for bilingual audiences


Computer assisted translation (CAT) tools

High-Quality Translation and Localization

With over 30 years of healthcare experience and fluency in more than 300 different languages, MAGNUS specializes in providing high-quality translations that are linguistically accurate and culturally appropriate.

Our thoroughly vetted, trained and accredited linguists have proven proficiency in translating for the healthcare, medical and insurance industries. We are experts in providing accurate, compliant content that culturally resonates with audiences while prioritizing your strategic messaging goals. 

MAGNUS offers a complete range of services and capabilities including: 

  • Comprehensive healthcare-focused translation and localization services
  • Unwavering commitment to quality control via proven protocols, optimized processes and quality assurance
  • Streamlined project management facilitated by the MAGNUS online project management system
  • Complete document formatting, output and printing
  • Selection of optimal colors, images, photos and fonts for target audiences
  • Ability to seamlessly partner with advertising agencies and internal marketing teams
  • Dedication to our core values of honesty, integrity and trustworthiness